Two friends that used to sit next to each other for a few years decided to share their experience and together build something cool. Despite living in different countries, they still share the same passion for software. This is us. We hope you enjoy the visit here.

Adam Jedro

Software Engineer

One of those geeks who started coding when other kids still played football. Back-end enthusiast, strongly typed languages fan and MVP-first kind of person. Always puts the customer in the first place. Most of his brilliant ideas are born during trips using his beautiful Canyon Aeroad road bike. Young entrepreneur & future business angel.

Email me: adam@devolution.tech

Tomasz Kuczma

Cloud and Distributed Systems Engineer

Software engineer with passion. Interested in computer networks and large-scale distributed computing. Loves to optimize and simplify software on various level of abstraction starting from memory ordering through non-blocking algorithms up to system design and end user experience. Known from ability to make things done.
Geek. Linux user.

Email me: tomasz@devolution.tech

The views I express are my alone and they do not necessarily express the views of my employer or ex-employers.

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