Hello World

defmodule Hello do
  def main(args) do
    IO.puts "Hello world"

Did you expect such content here? It doesn’t matter whether you understand it or not, we are glad you are reading this. Everybody will find something cool to read. Welcome to our blog. By the way, you are right, this is “Hello World” in Elixir 🙂

We did it! Finally!

It is hard to keep our emotions in check. We have been thinking and talking about creating this blog for a while. There were numerous excuses such as potential lack of time for systematic writing, doubts about content quality and a lot of decisions to make before start regarding blog theme, hosting, etc. We would never believe if someone told us that there are so many little things to do in order to have a blog. As our TODO list is almost entirely crossed-out we are super happy to finally launch this site.

Why has this blog been born?

We would like to exchange knowledge, observations and ideas with other people. We will be glad for your constructive feedback about our opinions and thoughts. It will be interesting to confront our thoughts with thoughts of our readers. We hope to teach you something and learn something from you as well.

Who are we?

We are two friends that used to sit next to each other for a few years that decided to share their experience and together build something cool. Despite living in different countries, we still share the same passion for software. We have been in software development for quite a few years already, working for industries like B2B SaaS, Gaming, Cloud Computing and KYC, just to name a few. This makes us believe we have interesting stories to share with you.
More about us you can read here.

To whom and what is this blog about?

This blog is for everybody who would like to read and learn something about various, sometimes loosely coupled, topics related to software. We encourage you to leave a comment or subscribe to RSS – we plan to write about all aspects of software engineering, soft skills, finances and much more! Everybody will find something useful for himself starting form software engineers “wannabe” to professionals with several years of experience.

We hope you enjoy the visit here and hope to see you every Friday at 9 a.m. CET.

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