Don’t be shy

Don’t be shy when presenting to others!

I am addicted to consuming all kinds of blog posts and videos from conferences – I spend a fair amount of time reading/hearing materials created by other people, mostly software engineers. My Feedly has a few hundreds of blogs, the same story goes on for YouTube.

Why am I writing about that?

I have noticed very strange behavior related to public speaking. Lots of conference speakers start their show by saying something like:

  • “I am not an expert in that area.”
  • “Threat all my options as bullshit.”
  • “I am probably wrong but…”
  • “I know others are doing better/bigger things…” and so on…

Why do you say that? Why do you ruin your credibility in very first words?

Presenter saying above thing immediately ruins its credibility, knowledgeability and almost instantly kills my attention. It’s not that public speaking person has to be an expert in a given area to give a talk – it’s enough if the presenter just believes in his own words and accepts feedback afterward. If the speaker doesn’t believe in his presentation, why would I? I am not insisting on implementing “fake it till you make it” rule for presentations but very often just thinking positively and believing in your own opinions give a huge boost to your confidence, and as a result to the quality of presentation.

I am not a psychologist, I didn’t study how to communicate effectively. I am just a software engineer writing about things that happen outside of my computer so the above text is just bullshit. 😉 Do you see how strange it sounds? I don’t have to be an expert in a given area to share my point of view. After all, different options drive discussion and influence the world.

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